Major Release of the ACE FrameWorks Utilities - Mar 15, 2013 (R07413)

FWP 12.0.x.x Support

The ACE FrameWorks Utilties are NOW available in Nine (9) complete sets for the following FWP releases: FWP 3.1.x.x/3.2.x.x, & before, FWP & later, FWP 7.1.x.x/7.2.x.x/7.3.x.x, FWP 8.0.x.x, FWP 9.0.x.x, FWP 10.0.x.x, FWP 11.0.x.x and FWP 12.0.x.x (NEW with this release).

ONE (1) UTILITY with BUG FIXES RELEASED for all Nine Sets of Utilities

Automated Plates for Fixed End Beams:

The Automated Gusset Plates for Fixed End Beams utility has following bug fix:

  • Bug Fix: Tolerance (TOL) for all validity beam checks has been incorported. Previously some valid connections could be missed for structures which were skewed and had irrational coordinates.

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    Latest Update Mar 15, 2013